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Formac Software Services Private Limited

Formac Software Services Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 01 July, 2013. It is classified as a private limited company and is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.

  • The current status of Formac Software Services Private Limited is - Active.
  • The last reported AGM (Annual General Meeting) of Formac Software Services Private Limited, per our records, was held on 30 September, 2021.
  • Formac Software Services Private Limited has four directors - Santosh Kumar Mishra, Archana Mishra, and others.
  • The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) of Formac Software Services Private Limited is U72200KA2013PTC069905. The registered office of Formac Software Services Private Limited is at Ground Floor, No. 7/2, Maruthi Emerald Graphite India Main Road, Bengaluru, Bangalore, Karnataka.


  • Enable organisations with secure and reliable assessments with seamless evaluation experience.
  • The current gaps in existing assessment systems are properly identified and bridged.


  • Evolving / Creating a flawless Assessment ecosystem with the help of expert assessors and AI based technologies.
  • To be the leader in Assessment ecosystem with expanding our reach to all relevant sectors for Corporate and Govt sponsored programs


  • Worked with DGT and CSSDA
  • Empanelled with 9 Subscribe
  • Conducted over 1 lakh assessments


  • 350 plus assessors
  • Around150 proctors
  • Qualified SMEs


  • Robust assessment portal
  • Internal ERP system for smooth operations

Financially Capable

  • Debt free company
  • Healthy reserves for future growth

Objectives and Goals of Applicant Org

1.Increase Community Outreach and Market Share.

2. Reduce paper usage and live evaluations to almost 0%.

3. Invest in cutting edge technology to upgrade the product.

4. Create a best value of product for cost.

5. Targeting to impact 5% of North America’s District School Boards learning initiatives.

Affiliated Sector Skill Councils

Our Corporate Client's


Auto proctoring of candidate's activity during the assessments capturing of photos and or videos of the candidate with date, time and geotag throughout the test intermittently at set time intervals

Digital Attendance

Authentication of candidate through their original government ID before starting the assessment

Multiple face detection and issue warnings

Face recognition to determine identity

Remote Identity verification by comparison of Photo on the ID proof and the candidate attending the assessments

Geo tagging

Remote proctoring through live streaming of the training center where assessment is held along with candidate's activities

Detection of objects in the vicinity of the candidate and flagging it to the candidate and remote proctor

Issue warnings and facility to terminate the assessment based on non-compliances to auto proctoring guidelines (Multiple face, face out of camera range , the other compliances as and when they get added)

Remotely proctoring and alarming the candidate if he / she is not following the assessment guidelines or SOPs

Storage and retrieval of all the audit trails of the assessments such as – assessment evidences, videos/photos of candidates, question & answer sheets.

SSC to be provided with access through a dashboard from where the download and viewing of live assessment is possible

Flagging of non-compliant candidates / suspicious candidates in the record and auto alert to SSC on such incidents. The SSC can further examine them on the logs

Ability to conduct Online (with internet) and offline (without internet)

Video based VIVA VOCE assessment which can be done remotely


FORMAC has its own proprietary assessment portal

Technology used for portal: php

Server specifications: VPS Server; 10 VCPU, 60 GB RAM, 400 GB NVME SSD; 4 backup snapshots, 32 TB traffic, 24 hour recovery

Cloud server for support during assessment

During online assessment; videos and photos sink with the server in the real time

Incase of offline assessment; the data sink once the devices come under ne

FORMAC portal is built with flexibility and can be integrated as in line with NCVET requirements



Assessment methods are the strategies, techniques, tools and instruments for collecting information to determine the extent to which students demonstrate desired learning outcomes.


Our online and offline Examination System Software are flexible, reliable and secure, which helps you to exceed in your business expectations by recruiting skilled resources.


The role of the assessor is to make an informed judgement about the range evidence of assessor/internal quality assurer meetings to review and standardise.

Our Team

Exclusive Team

Santosh Mishra

Cheaf Executive Officer

Venkata Chandra Sekhar Duvvuri

Cheaf Operating Officer

Mrs. Archana Mishra

B.Sc. M.Sc. & B.Ed

Sandhya Thakur

MTech (Electrical), Phd.

Sarvagya Shukla

Sr. Manager

Rashmit Bhalla

Sr Manager Finance and HR

Yogendra Barik

Consulting Mgr Operation

Fahim Ahamad

Quality Testing
BCA & MBA(Finance & Operation)

Abhijit Pathak

Manager operations & Finance

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